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Hi there! ūüėÄ

My name is Lenna. I was born in 1993 and I graduated from Computer Science major.¬†I’m¬†highly interested in technology and I’ve learnt that I’m very passionate in programming, which is¬†why I’m starting up Kappacode¬†ūüėČ

My story? I’d love to tell you in brief ūüėÄ

At first, never in my mind had¬†I thought that I’d be taking computer major for my bachelor degree (I mean..it’s a quite masculine major for a girl isn’t it? haha). And before I’m going to University and taking this major, I have zero¬†knowledge in programming. But still I thought why don’t I give it a try. But back then it was hard for me to even rolled into this major as I’m not coming from science background during my high school (Not an IPA kid if you know what I mean ;D).

Luckily one day I met a lecturer from a university who¬†don’t really judge¬†from which academic background I came from and let me in. It was really tough for me to survive in this programming world, but with the support from family, lecturers, friends, together¬†with my own tendency to keep doubling up my efforts when I¬†need to, I finally did pretty well actually :) And even better, I started to love this programming activities and tried variety kind of practices, starting from creating games, mobile application and website. From my journey I’ve learnt that, even if you’re nothing at the beginning, you can become something at the end if you try hard and don’t give up. You might not be a super great man but most importantly you can be a help to others with what you’ve got.¬†I hope that from Kappacode I can continue to deliver¬†services that can help others achieving their goals too, so happy ending for everyonee ūüėÄ

By the way, I also have another hobbies..I love listening to slow ballad music, especially korean ballad OST, playing keyboard (not an expert but love to do it anyway), and watching K-dramass haha

That’s all from me ^^ cheers!

Lenna The

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