What We Do

Website Development

We love to help start up businesses who need to get their website done for online marketing to a wider range of prospective clients / buyers. We use Wordpress as the basic foundation for the website, which are followed with specific adjustments that will suit individual's requirements.
Furthermore..we'll try our best to match your taste so that the overall design will be to your liking...yeay! :)

Digital Illustration

Designs are needed in every aspect of business, such as logo, website, brochure, banner designs and even for simulation purposes. Browse our portfolio for works that we have done before and feel free to contact us if you have any design inquiries.

Game Development

For us, creating a game is quite a challenging job as it requires not just the skills, but also the creativeness and user-friendliness of the game itself, that will contribute to a successful player engagement. However it creates fun in many ways as we developers get to deal with lots of illustrations and animations :D.
Well..if you have some simple, fun or weird(?) ideas that you want to realize it in a game, feel free to drop us your message ;)

Brochure / Banner

We also receive brochure and banner orders for events, which includes design and print services. Describe to us your content requirements and we'll get everything else ready :)